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Featured Product

We were pleased to share that we have completed the integration of eCMS and NvoicepayÔ and we have identified beta customers for end-user testing.  

The integrated solution, eCMS Connect for NvoicepayÔ will deliver an end-to-end and fully automated supplier payment and expense management leveraging the functionality of NvoicepayÔ payment solutions and eCMS ERP applications.

More information to come!

Product Updates

Announcing eCMS v.4.2 Release

eCMS v.4.2 will become available for production environments in January.

The new version of eCMS, version 4.2, is nearly ready for installation into production environments. The upgrade path will be through v.4.1 SP3 FP6 or later. Watch for the GA announcement.

Current eCMS Levels

eCMS v.4.1 SP3 Fix Pack 6 is the most current version of eCMS available.

The current release level of your eCMS environment is shown at the right end of the blue bar at the bottom of your eCMS menu screen for v.4.1 or later environments. It is also shown on the About eCMS screen in eCMS or by entering ABOUTCMS on a green-screen command line and paging down to see information about your environment(s).

Over 84% of all CGC eCMS customers (93% of hosted customers) are now using the current version of eCMS. Don’t get left behind. If you need to upgrade to the current eCMS release, please submit a ticket to make the request or contact your CGC Client Success Team.

The next update for v.4.1 Service Pack 3 will be Fix Pack 7 expected in early to mid-February.

Supported eCMS Releases

All eCMS release levels are supported for break/fix assistance. However, sometimes the fix for an issue may require upgrading your eCMS environment to a more current release level.

Fully supported release levels are those for which modifications, enhancements, and installation updates are provided.

  • eCMS v.4.2 Release
  • eCMS v.4.1 SP3 Fix Pack 6 or later

If your eCMS environment is not at one of the supported release levels listed above, please contact your CGC Client Success Team to learn what it takes to upgrade to a current release level.

Year-End Update

In combination with the 2020 year-end update, a special one-time hot fix, HF680, was created to better support the 2020 Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Certificate. This special update provided programs and a one-time data conversion to the Payroll employee record and the tax tables. Documentation was created and posted on the CGC website with information about how to implement the changes for accurate W4-related payroll deduction calculations.

HF680 was created for eCMS v.4.1 SP2 and later release levels to be installed before the first payroll of 2021. It has been installed into all applicable hosted environments and into non-hosted environments of customers who requested it by submitting a ticket. If you did NOT receive this update and need it, please submit a ticket requesting installation.

The 2020 Fourth Quarter-End/Year-End Fix Packs are being or have already been installed. The Release Notes are available on the CGC Customer Website with the details.

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